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Göbel High End Announce the Complete Relocation to Their New Company Headquarters

A message from Göbel High End:

Göbel High End announce the complete relocation to our new company headquarters

We have really awesome news to share!

We finally completely relocated to our new company headquarters!

Oliver Göbel founded Göbel High End in October 2003. The coming year 2023 is our 20 years anniversary!

The only reason for founding the company Göbel High End was Oliver Göbel’s passion and love to really bring the emotional music event alive through truly high end audio systems and therefore to research, develop and manufacturer the absolute pinnacle in high end audio loudspeakers and cables. Always combined with the highest possible reliability, quality and precision in all aspects and completely made in Germany. Oliver Göbel never accept any shortcomings and only strive for the ultimate!

Over the last 19 years, numerous highest end connoisseurs from all over the world appreciated our products. We were able to constantly pushing the highest end audio boundaries and grow our product portfolio, our technologies, our quality control, our marketing and sales activities and of course business wise our turnover. Needless to say, that this also lead to constantly increasing the numbers of our employees and suppliers, as well as the constantly increasing of our development- , production- , storage- and office area footprint. Therefore it was predictable, that at some point we will reach the maximum expansion possibilities of our past premises.

The next step would be to look for a bigger facility in order to ensure the future growth.

But we didn’t want to simply move into a bigger facility and accept compromises. If we are doing this next big step, we want a company building, which is perfectly tailored to our needs for developing and producing the absolute pinnacle products in high end audio and to proceed in always pushing the boundaries. Also this new company headquarters building should then carry the absolute pinnacle product qualities and the luxury appearance of the Göbel High End brand into the world.

So for us the only logical next step was to especially design and build our new headquarters and production facility from ground up, in order to provide a future proof and real uncompromising basis for continuing our further growth and success.

The key features of our new Göbel High End headquarters are:

  • A more than 5 times bigger manufacturing, quality control and research area in comparison to our previous facility. Perfectly arranged in order to ensure the most ideal production flow.
  • A more than 4 times bigger storage area in comparison to our previous facility. In order to shorten manufacturing time, to be more independent from the raw material market and to be able to offer quicker delivery time and service.
  • A big full anechoic chamber for our crossover fine adjustments, quality controls and in house researches, perfectly integrated in our production and research working flow.
    Please remember, every single loudspeaker which is leaving our facility is getting it’s crossover and complete loudspeaker fine adjusted during extensive measurements in this full anechoic chamber. Hereby we secure that every single loudspeaker is performing at it’s maximum potential.
  • 2 big and from the outset acoustically perfectly designed auditioning rooms. One auditioning room is around 110 m2 and the other auditioning room is around 50 m2.
  • A more than 3 times bigger office area. In order to offer an even better sales and after sales service.
  • A spacious, tasteful and luxury meeting area. In order to welcome our business partners from all over the world and to provide a meeting point (experience centre), where all our business partners, clients and friends are always warmly welcome.
  • A minimalistic and contemporary industrial design of the company building in order to carry the absolute pinnacle product qualities and the absolute luxury appearance of the Göbel High End brand into the world.

One additional important note:

Since Oliver Göbel founded Göbel High End in 2003, he always was 100% the owner, CEO and the only share holder of the company. This is very important, especially in our highest end business! To ensure having the full control over all company decisions and having the freedom to develop and research for always pushing the boundaries in the highest end audio. Even that this monumental step in the Göbel High End history with the new big headquarters costed many millions of Euros, Oliver Göbel still is 100% the owner, CEO and the only share holder of the company.
Our anticipation is to mutually write an even more successful future together with all of you, as part of the world wide Göbel High End family!

The new Göbel High End headquarters address is:

Göbel High End
Roedersteinstr. 9
84034 Landshut
Phone: +49 871 9751 1657
Email: info@goebel-highend.de
Web: www.goebel-highend.de

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