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Dirk Sommer, the worldwide renown chief editor of the audiophile magazine hifistatement.net wrote a raving review about our Epoque Aeon Fine loudspeakers. He was so impressed, that after the review he bought the Epoque Aeon Fine loudspeakers for his auditing system!

As the review is in German language, we translated a few of his statements in English language:

“The transient playback makes the Göbels unparalleled to me.”

“… the homogeneity of the reproduction and the expansion and plasticity of the spatial representation are outstanding.”

 “… especially the ability to reproduce transients, almost like real instruments, fascinates me about the bending wave loudspeaker in combination with the fast, small bass drivers.”

“I have now lived with the Göbel High End Epoque Aeon Fine for over a year and a half and have learned to appreciate it so much as a work tool and as a luxury item that I don’t want to part with it anymore and bought it a few months ago!”

“A real dream loudspeaker!”

To read the full review in English click here to download the PDF.

To read his full review click here.