Exclusive U.S. distributors for Göbel High End
patented loudspeakers and cables
Made in Germany
Authorized Dealer for CH Precision, WADAX, and Esoteric Products

Elliot Goldman

I was listening to music for as long as I can remember. I used to fall asleep as a kid listening to headphones playing records. I was around the concert scene all through college and went to work for Lafayette Radio soon after graduation . I worked in NYC and LI in management but always lived for the music in the sound rooms. I left Lafayette to work for what turned in the first HE store on LI. We were the first ARC , Levinson , Magnepan, Linn, Nakamichi, Dayton Wright etc. I got my first taste of the High End scene and wanted to do my own thing. I left and started my own store call Audio Den. I had a lot of great products but my partner and I did not see eye to eye so I sold him my shares and moved on. I had become friends with Harry Pearson and was a member of his listening panel. He introduced me to Mike Kay from Lyric HiFi in NYC which was the temple of the high end in those years. Those were amazing times and it was the center of the high end solar system. Everyone that was anyone came there both as designers and clients . I stayed for almost 12 years before I left to move my family to Florida and opened my own store Front Row Center. FRC lasted almost 17 years and we closed it a few years ago because of the recession. My partner continued with the business as it morphed into a service and custom install company.

I always loved audio and adore music and although away from the business I never stopped listening . I have some amazing friends with great systems that continually get better. I enjoy golf , tournament poker, food and wine and travel as often as I can. I have two grown sons.

I have been looking for this opportunity for a very long time and I am excited and thrilled to be representing Gobel here in the US of A. The dream has always been to find great products and be able to market, display, sell and service our clients in the best way possible.