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Hi Raphael,

I had the upgrade done last Wednesday. Just got the new caps broken in late Saturday BUT went in for hip replacement surgery on Monday, so haven’t been listening since.

However, during my pre-op time with it here are my impressions.

1. First, AMAZING company and kudos to you guys for arranging this in the least intrusive manner possible at a cost that incredibly reasonable
2. Stirling was AMAZING. Not only was he incredibly efficient and helpful but unlike so many other people, he treated my equipment like I am sure he would his own. He took incredibly good care of my amp and was incredibly diligent in the upgrade. He followed up to make sure all was working properly, explained the break in of the new caps and listened to the system for awhile and was great to talk with.
3. This is NOT an upgrade. This is like getting a whole new amp. I loved the M1 but these new caps bring a new level to transparency, transients and especially the low end. Just a much more balanced sound than I thought was possible.

Can’t wait to get back to listening.

You guys have been awesome and in my opinion, this is how you build customer loyalty. I have talked to Elliot many times about how so many companies “churn” their customers and as a result, lose their customers. This is how you keep you customers loyal.

Great Job!!!

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