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X1 External Power Supply

The X1 external power supply is an ultra-low noise, discrete, regulated power supply working as a DC power supply for the D1 SACD&CD Transport/Player, the C1 Digital To Analog Controller and for future products.

The X1 houses oversized mains filters to improve noise immunity as well as a power supply regulation stage working in conjunction with the connected machine local regulation.

These greatly increase the power supplies noise rejection, therefore improving the performance of the units connected, allowing your system to reach the next level of signal transparency, speed and musicality.


Main features
  • dedicated mains filter on each transformer primary, medical-grade type with ultra-low leakage current
  • two oversized power transformers dedicated to the digital and analog sections
  • cascaded power supply regulation stages for superior noise rejection
  • allows the connected machine’s mains transformer to remain turned off for added noise immunity
  • preserved galvanic isolation between the analog and digital sections of the connected machine(s)

A second regulation board can be inserted into the unit to allow the use of a single X1 with two CH Precision products.

Remote operation

The X1 is entirely remotely operated from the connected machine(s), and does not need to be manually switched on or off. Once placed in standby mode and connected, the supplied unit(s) are turning the X1 on or off automatically