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Epoque Wall

The flagship product Epoque Wall sets the ultimate benchmark for wall mountable loudspeakers.

The core of our flagship Epoque Wall represents the “Carbon Excellence” bending wave driver that is based on the patented bending wave technology by Göbel. This “Carbon Excellence” bending wave driver is based on the principals of instrumental sound reproduction and is the result of over 15 years of development that we invested in order to achieve the most natural sound possible.

In order to also achieve an absolute homogeneous sound dispersion and stimulation of the room modes within the low frequency range the Epoque Wall is additionally equipped with 6 custom built 7 inch long throw bass drivers. These symmetrically arranged bass drivers are specifically located on the front in order to create an absolute smooth transition of the „Carbon Excellence“ bending wave driver`s broad frequency range to the low frequencies of the custom built bass drivers.

The purely functional design with well-defined shaping`s and the use of specific aluminum alloys together with our special high density composite materials eliminate any diffractions, resonances and energy saving effects.


  • “The sound image was incredibly fast, with high resolution and to a certain extent simply effortless so that the awesome amount of technology immediately just faded into the background and let the music take over.”

    Martin Mertens "fairaudio"
  • “Simply unbelievable that so much resolution can be accompanied by such strong tonality and such a rich foundation!”

    Dirk Sommer "Hifistatement"
    Sample Position

Featured Technologies

Carbon Excellence Bending Wave Driver Front Dispersion

The world wide unique Göbel Carbon Excellence bending wave driver covers the enormous bandwidth from 170 Hz to 31.000 Hz with a constantly frontside dispersion of nearly 180 degrees. Through this the Epoque Wall is the most coherent speaker that completelly avoids time and phase problems from the outset. Additionally the phase velocity on the membrane is always faster than in air. Through this the sound is unbelivable fast with the highest in resolution and without any indication of efforts even at high volumes. In addition to that the almost non existing mass of the GÖBEL bending wave membrane completely avoids problems caused by mass inertia such as impulsedeadening which always occurs in conventional loudspeaker systems.

Wall biege front

Carbon Excellence Bending Wave Driver Rear Dispersion

In the Epoque Wall the patented Göbel Carbon Excellence bending wave driver also has a rearside dispersion through the air preasure ventilation slots. Herefore the backside of the Göbel Carbon Excellence bending wave driver has a hyperbolig construction where the rearside dispersion is guided and alse damped by a sort of flow resistance. This efforts avoids any comb filter effects through the back wall from the outset, which otherwise will be caused by reflections within this most important frequency range. You will experience this in an undetached and uncolorationed sound reproduction without any resonances.

Wall biege back

Lossless Bass Drivers

In order to get a perfectly smooth transition of the patented Göbel Carbon Excellence bending wave driver to the low frequency drivers we had to develop incredibly fast and absolutely linear bass drivers for the Epoque series. The motor systems are optimized to the maximum linearisation of the magnet field in both directions of the extremely high excursion area in order to get the lowest and smoothest possible harmonic distorsion spectrum. Additionally all materials we use here are second to none in order to get the minimum possible loss factors and the fastest impulse behavior. Only to sum a few: Glasfiber voice coils, extremely lossless spiders and gaskets, extensive ventilation, extremely rigid aluminum membranes, …

Bass Chassi Ref Fine Wall

Multiple Bass Array

In order to get an even more accurate and fast bass response we use a multiple array of bass drivers. These special bass drivers are mounted in a particular array on the front of the enclosure in order to activate the room modes completely uniformly. Also we of course had to adapt the outstanding dispersion behavior of the Carbon Excellence bending wave driver to the low frequencies. Aditionally in terms of maximum sound preasure level you have to move a lot of air when the frequency goes down. Herefore the surface area sum of the bass drivers for a pair of Epoque Wall is greater than the surface area of 2 pcs 12 inch woofers but with much more coherency and speed.

Wall bass array

Ultra rigid Sandwich Enclosure

The enclosure of the Epoque Wall is an absolue non-compromise design, where all our knowledge about material resonances where applied. Based on our bending wave technology, we certainly know exactly how to manage surface waves on enclosure materials so they doesn’t even start to arise. For the Epoque Wall we only use our proprietary multilayered composite material in combination with a special aluminum alloy in order to prevent any resonances in the working areas of each driver. Through this ultra rigid combination of materials we also avoid any energy saving effects. You will experience this in an unbelivable uncolorationed sound reproduction with tremendous attack and speed infront of an absolute silent backround.

Wall composite

Totally Isolated Crossover

The meticulous selected crossover network parts are housed in two totally sealed cabins inside of the loudspeaker enclosure. These cabins are located in the top and in the bottom of the enclosure in order to protect them against air pressure differences and resonance patterns, which always happens in loudspeaker enclosures. Additionally the crossover-path for the bending wave loudspeaker and the crossover-path for the bass drivers are located in completely separated chambers to avoid any crosstalks, electro-magnetic couplings, or any other interferences between them. Herein each network component is hand wired point-to-point to avoid parasitic effects of pc-board type constructions. Finally all crossover parts are moulded with a special damping epoxy to avoid any microphonic effects. You will experience all these efforts in an unbelivable natural sound reproduction which must be heard to believe.

Wall crossover

Flat And Tiltable Wall Mount

The Epoque Wall comes with a special proprietary massive steel wall mount, which is also tiltable in order to adjust the loudspeaker perfectly to the hearing position. After adjusting these angulars the Epoque Wall can be fixed with screws within this wall mount. In order to not loose any space, everything is designed so the overall depth of the mounted Epoque Wall is extremely small.

Wall mount

Technical Specifications


Bending wave loudspeaker with passive bass radiators


Patented Göbel Carbon Excellence bending wave driver
2 massive 7 inch aluminum longthrow bass drivers
4 massive 7 inch aluminum longthrow passive drivers


Acoustical optimized multilayered composite material
massive aluminum acoustical baffles

Standard finishes

High glossy brilliant white with aluminum parts
lacquer anodized in natural semi gloss
High glossy brilliant black with aluminum parts lacquer
anodized in space grey semi gloss


nominal 4 Ohm
Impedance minimum in single-wiring 2,5 ohm at 170 Hz


86 dB / 1 W / 1 m

Crossover frequency

170 Hz

Frequency response

28 Hz – 31.0000 Hz

Dispersion range

about 180° front side: 28 Hz – 31.000 Hz


185 cm height x 26,8 cm width x 13,8 cm depth
total height: 203 cm


70 Kg without packaging
100 Kg including flight case packaging


Standard Finishes


Composite enclosure parts high glossy brilliant white Aluminum parts lacquer anodized in natural semi gloss


Composite enclosure parts high glossy brilliant black Aluminum parts lacquer anodized in space grey semi

All color finishes are possible on extra charge