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Akasa DC Reference Cables

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In theory, DC transmission should be simple, but like so much I life, familiar theory only scratches the surface of reality.

Sitting between the incredibly quiet WADAX power supplies and the DAC or Server, the challenge facing the Akasa DC Reference cable is twofold: It must maintain and deliver that noise-free DC and it needs to prevent additional noise re-entering the feed during that transfer. Neither is as simple as basic theory suggests.

Developments in WADAX power supply technology and implementation have produced power supplies that defy conventional measurement. With noise levels that are below the threshold of even the best instrumentation, we have to contend with previously unsuspected distortion mechanisms, noise arriving from previously unrecognised sources.

The Akasa DC Reference cables are exactingly constructed from exhaustively selected materials to maintain and protect the quality of the DC produced by our external supplies. Measures include:

  • The use of latest generation long-crystal silver/gold alloy, for maximum conductivity and the lowest level of voids, contamination and discontinuity in the conductor itself, minimising the risk of self-induced noise.
  • Unique metallurgy that increases consistency in the crystal lattice.
  • Careful calculation of conductor size, strand winding, insulation materials and layers specifically designed to minimise external pollution from induced or mechanically transmitted noise.
  • The creation of a specially designed connector that uses layered materials and critical damping to eliminate mechanical interference and maximise mechanical stability.

Noise matters. Even the noise you can’t hear or measure. The Akasa DC Reference cables take extraordinary steps and use unique materials and construction to deliver the quietest DC power ever generated, direct to the audio circuits in your Reference DAC or Server: Because you can hear the difference all too clearly.