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Alumine Two.Five



Stenheim’s most affordable floorstander

The all-new Alumine Two.Five is Stenheim’s most affordable floorstander, bringing Stenheim’s innovative Alumine concept, musicality and Swiss handmade quality to even more budgets.

It features a ported two-way topology that maintains all the advantages of the elegant simplicity of the Alumine Two’s proven design, but its larger cabinet and double bass drivers ensure a greater extension that hitherto only more expensive Alumine models have been able to provide.

The Alumine Two.Five can be driven by a wide range of amplification and is the ideal partner for even modestly powered systems to deliver enthralling music for year after year with typical Stenheim clarity, detail and liveliness.

Technical Specifications

  • Passive 2-way floor-standing speaker
  • 2x 17cm (6.5”) woofers, 1x 2.6cm (1”) softdome tweeter
  • Front bass reflex design
  • Full aluminium construction
  • Crossover employing high grade, audiophile components
  • Sensitivity : 93dB SPL, half space
  • Power handling : 125W RMS, 250W Peak
  • Minimum recommended power : 10W
  • Nominal impedance : 8 Ohms
  • Dimensions : Height 94.5cm (37.2”) x Width 23cm (9”) x Depth 27.5cm (10.8”)
  • Weight : approx. 45kg (100lbs) each
  • Available in metallic Light Grey or Dark Grey with black front and rear
  • Warranty : 5 years
  • Delivered with a set of precision mounting spikes
  • Custom options
  • Full Black, Ivory or Mocca with black front and rear