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Grandioso S1

A flagship Stereo Power Amplifier

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To the Summit
Reaching new heights of sound an beauty

The original of ESOTERIC’s new S1 Stereo Power Amplifier lie in an unbounded respect for the deep emotive powers of music. The Grandioso lineage that gave birth to the M1 Monobock Amplifier now unveils a new standard bearer. Following in the footsteps of our M1 flagship, the new S1 benefits from its knowledge and technology, allowing it to continue in the pursuit of true perfection.

Experience majestic symphonies and infinite silence as sound and spirit calll to each other. The very existance of the device between them seems to fade into oblivion, no longer noticed by the listener. WIthout doubt, the new ESOTERIC S1 Stereo Amplifier defines the true spirit of fine audio, and the realization of the ultimate in musical enjoyment.