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L1 Dual Monaural Line Preamplifier

The uttermost quality of a preamplifier is its transparency. The source is selected and the volume is applied, however the original audio characteristics and signal dynamics are fully retained. The L1, a dual monaural analog line level preamplifier, was developed using this approach. It is a pure class A, ultra low noise, high bandwidth, fully balanced transistor based design. It provides the shortest path between input and output, maintaining the highest speed, transparency and musicality, allowing the L1 to become a truly exceptional preamplifier.



Three L1 configurations are available:

  • Monaural operation, with 8 inputs
  • Stereo operation, with 8 inputs for each channel
  • Monaural operation, with 16 inputs
Volume control

For each channel two R-2R ladder network in balanced mode control the volume. Tight tolerances high-grade metal film resistors as well as fast switching, distortion-free analog switches are used to adjust precisely the listening level. Each ladder has the following features:

  • 20bits R-2R ladder network
  • 118dB volume range in 0.5dB steps, from -100dB to +18dB
Analog Signal Path

Each channel is physically mounted on its own board to ensure the best immunity against crosstalk, and has the following features:

  • Ultra low noise, high bandwidth, high slew rate design
  • Pure class A, fully symetrical design
  • Fully discrete transistor based circuitry
  • Phase inversion and Mono modes
Power Supply
  • Dedicated discrete regulated linear power supplies
  • Ultra low noise, high accuracy regulation
  • Oversized mains transformer
  • Shunt regulators for critical stages
  • Over-current protection
  • Can be powered from the X1 External Power Supply
Analog Audio Inputs
  • Four balanced XLR connectors
  • Two single-ended RCA connectors
  • Two high-bandwidth coaxial BNC 50 Ohm connectors
Analog Audio Outputs
  • Powerful discrete output buffer
  • Two balanced XLR connectors
  • One single-ended RCA connector
  • One high-bandwidth coaxial BNC 50 Ohm connector